ThaiFriendly Privacy Policy

Who Are We

ThaiFriendly is a dating app operated by Oxixo Private Limited - a company registered in Singapore:
Oxixo Private Limited,
105 Cecil Street, The Octagon,
#18-00, Singapore 069534

Where this Privacy Policy Applies

This privacy policy applies to all websites, apps and services operated by Oxixo Private Limited.

Privacy and Safety Tips

Please consider how much information and the accuracy of such information that you share with us and other members.

Information We Collect and How we use it

Without any information from you it is impossible to participate in online dating. Some information is mandatory such as your date of birth while other information is optional such as profile bio information. As well as information provided by you we also collect information automatically such as your IP address and access times. This information helps improve the quality of our matching, develop our products, and provide a more safe dating environment.

Providing accurate information is not always necessary especially to help protect your privacy such as sharing your date of birth. Please remember anything that you share on your profile is publicly available and even after we delete your information it may still exist if other users have taken a screenshot or stored it. Please keep this in mind when sharing your information and never share information like your home address, phone number or financial information on your profile or in messages with other users.

Data Required? Purpose Publicly Visible Collection Method Shared?
Email Address Required Account management, login, customer support, communications Not Public User Provided Not Shared
Username Required Displaying a psuedo-name to other users when including your profile in search and chat. It is not recommended to use your real name or other identifiable information for your username. Public User Provided Shared with moderators
IP address and device details Required Fraud & abuse prevention, error tracking, developing our products (for example what language your device is using, its screen resolution etc) Not Public Automatically collected Shared with error tracking services, anti-fraud services
Date of Birth Required Age verification and for search Age is public but not date of birth User Provided Date of Birth stored internally but age shared with third parties for analytics and marketing
Profile Photos A minimum of one photo is required - more photos are optional. Having photos makes using our apps a better experience for all Public User Provided Hosted on a content delivery network to improve international performance and loading times, and shared with moderators to ensure our site stays compliant with app store and legal regulations
Photos and Videos sent in Chat Not required Functionality of our app allows sending photos and videos to other members, this feature is optional Visible to the person you share them to and anyone that has the direct link to the file (which is impossible to guess) User Provided Hosted on a content delivery network to improve international performance and loading times, and shared with moderators to ensure our site stays compliant with app store and legal regulations
Facial Data Not required Facial data allows us to confirm that the photos on your profile are genuine and enables you to search for other members that have completed this step. For more details see Face Verification Video selfie, selfie reference images, and biometric data calculated from reference images are kept private and used only for your profile verification User Provided Video selfie is temporarily shared with Amazon Web Services after which it is deleted. Reference images are stored internally by us to validate future photos you add to your profile. Reference images also shared with moderators.
Gender / Looking for Gender Required Used to show you compatible matches that meet your requirements Public User Provided Shared for the purpose of fixing errors, improving performance, anti-fraud and abuse, gender but not looking for is shared for marketing
Location Optional Used to show you nearby members, and to show your profile in search results. General location is publicly visible (such as city/suburb) but we round your GPS lat and long to 3 decimal places to preserve your privacy. Prompted for consent before sharing, approximate location sharing is accepted also consent can be denied. After submitting consent it can be revoking at any time in your device or browser settings. After giving us consent we may automatically collect this information in the background until consent is revoked either by settings on the device or by contacting us Shared for the purpose of fixing errors, improving performance, anti-fraud and abuse
Financial Information (when paid directly) Optional To provide you additional services Not public User Provided We do not store payment information such as card number, expiry, cvv but we may store billing name and address for anti-fraud, audit, and tax purposes. Payments outside of our apps are handled by,, and you agree to share your information with them in order to process your payment.
Third party login information (Apple / Google etc) Optional For account creation and login, anti-fraud and abuse prevention Not public Automatic collection We store a unique ID provided by the third party login provider in order to secure your account and identify your login. This information is not shared with other third parties and is unique to us so not useful to a third party provider anyway.
Customer support communications (call recordings, emails sent to our support) Optional For helping you with account queries or any support issues Not public User Provided Not shared
Chat messages Optionally provided by you or another user Chatting on our site lets you chat without revealing any contact details Visible to you, the person you are communicating with, and possibly our moderators should there be a complaint User Provided - either you or another user Internal use and for moderation and anti-fraud. Not shared with other third parties.
Profile Bio (height, weight, headline, description, interests etc.) Optional For displaying your profile to other members and including you in search results for the attributes you provide Public User Provided Shared for moderation and anti-fraud purposes
Access times, session lengths, actions taken (eg. liking other users, hiding other users), referring URLs, search terms, ads you interacted with Required For hiding members that you aren't interested in, managing lists to help you organize contacts better, develop and improve our app Some information like last access time is public, other information like users you have blocked/hid is private Automatic Shared for marketing and anti-fraud purposes

Data Disclosure

We share your data with various third parties essential for providing our services.

Data Shared with Other Users

Your profile, including information such as your headline, description, pseudonym, and photos, is visible in search results. While full photo viewing and detailed profile information require a membership to view, consider carefully what information you are comfortable making public.

Data Shared with Third Parties

We collaborate with third parties to enhance our service delivery. This includes error reporting services for service improvement, security services for fraud prevention and safety, analytics services to optimize user experience, advertising services to expand our user base, and moderation services for compliance and complaint resolution. We also share data with customer support to assist with account issues and law enforcement when required for legal investigations.

Age Policy

Our services are strictly for users aged 18 and over. If you encounter a user who may be under 18, or if you see a photo featuring a child, please report it immediately. We actively remove such content to ensure compliance with our age policy. Additionally, we prohibit users from indicating whether they have children in their profiles to safeguard against potential online predators.

Face Verification

Face verification is optional and we will ask for your consent before beginning the process. The process can be completed using any device with a webcam but on a phone is easiest. To verify you can initiate it from your edit profile page. By verifying, you assure others that the photos in your profile are truly yours. Verified users can also search for other verified users. Your facial geometry data and reference images are stored as long as your account is active to enable future photo verifications.

What data is collected?

A short selfie video is taken with your consent to create geometric data to confirm the authenticity of your profile photos. This video is immediately deleted after processing, although screenshots may be kept privately for moderation purposes in case of complaints against your profile.

Will the data be shared with third parties?

The video is temporarily shared with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for processing and is then deleted. AWS retains the geometric data. In the event of complaints, reference images may be shared with our moderation team.

Where will this data be stored?

While the selfie video is deleted after processing, reference images and geometric data are stored on our private servers and with AWS, respectively.

How long will the data be stored?

The reference images and geometric data are retained for the lifetime of your account. Upon deletion, this data is removed within 30 days. If your account is banned, your data may be held for up to one year to assist in investigating potential unlawful activity and protecting members, preventing abusive users from repeatedly rejoining.

Your Rights

We provide tools for managing your data with our services.

Data Download Tool

You can download your data from our services at any time by using the following tool: Data Download Tool. You need to be logged in to use this.

Data Deletion Tool

You can request deletion of your account anytime inside our app or you can use our data deletion tool here: Data Deletion Tool. Please note that data will be deleted in accordance with our Data Retention Policy

Update and correct information

You can update your information at any time by logging into our app and going to your profile settings. If you need help with this please Contact our support team

Updating or Revoking Device Permissions

You can update or revoke permissions for our app on your device at any time by going to your device settings and finding our app in the list of installed apps. You can then update or revoke permissions as needed. Please note after revoking permissions the corresponding features may not be available (you will not be able to see people in your area if you do not share GPS location data for example)

Uninstalling the App

You can uninstall our app at any time by going to your device settings and finding our app in the list of installed apps. You can then uninstall the app. Please note that after uninstalling this does not close or delete your account. To close or delete your account you have to do this inside the app or by Contacting our support team

To process requests from you such as updating data, retrieving data, deleting data we need to take necessary steps to ensure you are really the person that owns the account. The easiest way to do that is by confirming your email address is the same email used to register the account.


We prioritize the security of your sensitive data by limiting the information shared to what is essential for our services. We implement robust security measures, including multiple layers of protection and regular system audits and updates. Additionally, we minimize data retention by automatically deleting sent photos, messages after one year, and profile visit history every few days.

Please be aware that no web service can guarantee complete security against unauthorized access, data loss, or other breaches. To enhance your account's security:

Data Retention & Deletion

We retain your personal information only for as long as necessary for legitimate business purposes, as detailed in Information We Collect and How we use it.

Automatic Account Deletion

Inactive accounts are deleted after a year. We will notify you via email before deletion. If you do not respond, your account and all associated data will be removed within one month.

Automatic Message Deletion

Your messages are automatically deleted after one year to minimize data storage. To keep copies of your messages, please use our Data Download Tool every six months.

Automatic Photo Deletion

Photos and videos sent in chat are deleted after three days to protect your privacy. You can delete them sooner by selecting "unsend" in the chat.

Automatic Profile Visit History Deletion

History of the profiles you visit is cleared every three days to ensure privacy.

Account Reset Feature

To reset your account, go to the app settings and select "Reset Account". This will clear all messages, likes, and matches but keep your blocked users, photos, and profile data.

Account Deletion

To delete your account, navigate to settings and choose "Delete Account" or contact our support team. Your profile will be immediately made unavailable, and all data will be permanently deleted within 28 days. If you reconsider during this period, logging in will prompt a restoration option. For banned accounts, we may retain necessary data up to one year for legal obligations and member safety.

Automated Decision Making

We employ heuristics inside our services at many levels to detect security issues, fraud, moderation issues, and also to adjust search weights. Where necessary profiles may be automatically forwarded to our moderation team for investigation in order to react to possible threats such as human trafficking or other legal issues as well as to improve the quality of our services. You have the right to appeal against any account actions by Contacting our support team

Data Protection Officer

Oxixo Private Limited has designated a Data Protection Officer and they can be reached by emailing or by post at the following address: Oxixo Private Limited, 105 Cecil Street, The Octagon, #18-00, Singapore 069534.

Policy Changes

The last update to this Privacy Policy occured on Monday 15th April 2024 AD