About ThaiFriendly.com
What is ThaiFriendly.com
ThaiFriendly.com is a Thai dating website allowing international men to meet Thai ladies. There are over 800,000 (April 2016) members and this is the biggest free Thai dating site on the Internet.

Is ThaiFriendly.com free?
It is free to send messages and free to receive and open messages. Free members have to wait between sending messages but are able to read all messages they receive and there are no limits on sending interest to members or comments.

About my profile
How do I edit my profile?
Simply go to your profile page and scroll down to your profile details - there is a button "edit details" and you can change everything here. Please be polite when you write your profile - profiles which are offensive will be blocked or deleted.

I forgot my password, help!
Go to Forgot password and you can reset your password. You will be sent an email - click the link to confirm you requested a new password and then your password will be rest - check your email again.

How can I upload pictures?
Go to the My Pictures page and you can either upload pictures one at a time or multiple at a time. Uploading pictures is unfortunately not supported on iOS devices at this time (iPhone/iPad) but works on Mac/PC/Android/Others.

What is an avatar? How do I make one?
An avatar is a small picture which represents you in the search results. It is essential to using the site. After your picture has been approved you can select an area around your face to use as your avatar. You will then be visible in the search results. You can make an avatar and manage your existing avatars on the My Pictures page.

What pictures are allowed?
Any pictures of yourself which are not s3xually explicit (do not focus on any s3xual area such as zooming in on an exciting part!). Nudity is prohibited. One or two pictures of animals/scenery/miscellaneous photos are allowed but this is not hi5 please do not upload 100 pictures of cats, they will be deleted and excessive cat postings may cause your profile to be blocked! Do not upload pictures that aren't you - baby photos, celebrity photos, religious or otherwise sensitive photos are not allowed.

Why do my pictures/avatars disappear?
It is likely they did not adhere to rules and were deleted, please see above for more details. Please do not keep submitting them, you account may be block for continuously uploading pictures that violate the rules.

Can I change my username?
No - so please be careful when you sign up that you choose a name you like! If you are a paying member then you can change your name, just email us.

How can I close my profile temporarily?
Go to the account page and confirm your password at the top - then select the option to close your account. Your profile will look like it has been deleted but you can reopen it by logging in at any time.

How can I delete my profile?
Go to the account page and confirm your password at the top, then select the option to delete your account. Your data will be deleted and the username will be unavailable for use again. This cannot be undone.

About my privacy
What information is visible to other members and what is private?
Any messages sent to a person on this site are private between you and the recipient. Any comments you make on photos or profiles are visible to all. Only you can see your favorites list, or any notes, or your list of who you are interested in.

How long do you store messages, interests, and other information?
Messages are currently kept forever. Interests expire after a couple weeks. Comments are kept forever. Favorites are kept forever. In accordance with our privacy policy you can email us at any time and we will remove any data we hold for your account.

Reporting abuse
I have a problem with a member, what should I do?
If you feel like someone is harassing you then you can go to their profile and click "Block user". This prevents them from contacting you again. For more serious abuse or if you feel they are violating our sites terms somehow you can click "Report profile" from their profile page or alternatively email us.

Where can I see who I blocked, and how can I unblock them?
Go to the Edit Profile page and on the tight there is a tab 'blocked users' - a list of who you have blocked. You can unblock them from this list too. If you want to block someone again just visit their profile and click 'Block'

Someones picture offends me, what should I do?
You can report their profile with the "Report profile" button on their profile page or alternatively email us.

Someone is using my pictures, what should I do?
You should email us along with some picture of you that isn't on the site to prove they are your pictures.

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